In the southern part of the city

The Arena Center is located in an area close to the historical center characterized by the presence of a large park. Being located in one of the prime locations of the capital the site is accessible from all sides. From the west side through “Italia” Square the site has direct access to “Mother Teresa” Square and “Deshmoret e Kombit” Boulevard. From the north via “Papa Gjon Pali II” street, the site is connected with “Barjam Curri” Boulevard. From the east, through “Dervish Hima” street the site is connected with “Elbasani” street, and from thesouth through secondary streets, the site hasdirect access to “Artificial Lake” park.

A few steps away

It is only a few steps away from some of the most important national and international institutions of the country such as the Prime Ministry, the Presidency, the Embassy of the United States, University of Tirana etc.

Full of life, contrasts, historical remnants, funky restaurants and cafés, cool shopping streets, unique market allies.






Tirana is colorful, vibrant and beautiful.